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garage door preparation before paintingHow to paint your garage door.

All steel garage doors suffer from wear and tear. If you want to keep your garage door in a good condition, you will have to paint your garage door  periodically. All aspects of the weather from sun to snow can be harmful to the appearance of your garage door. Discoloration of any garage door is mainly because the sun directly falls on your garage door, the rain soaks metal parts which will cause it to rust over time. you could even experience the problem of snow entering your garage, defrosting and then refreezing when the temperature outside drops. All of the above can harm the state of your garage door.

If you want to know how worn out your garage door is, a good idea will be to take a photo of its current condition and compare it with any photos you took on the installation, or when you purchased your property. The photo you took when the door was new will remind you of how your door should really look. But if you have taken another and more recent photo of your door, you will easily be able to see the wear and tear your door has suffered. This is a sure indication that you should do the necessary maintenance work as early as possible because any delay in doing so may require more expensice garage door repairs in the long run.

First step, you should take in this direction is to prepare your garage door for the painting work. You will need to wash your door with some detergent in the water in order to remove all grime and dirt that has accumulated. After washing down your garage door, you need to rinse it and leave it to dry thoroughly. Now examine the door for any substance hindering a smooth finish such as paint chips, rust, peeling paint, etc. Now use a steel brush, to remove any rust or peeling paint on the surface of the door. After that clean the garage door again and rinse carefully and let it dry completely.

Once you are sure that the garage door is totally dry, apply the base or primer coat to the door. This will ensure that your new acrylic paint will stick to the surface of the garage door smoothly. To apply the paint to the garage door, a spray gun is a great option (a good old fashioned paint brush will also suffice). Make sure you allow for complete drying between coats. Once you have finished applying the primer coat and allowed it to dry you can apply the finishing coat in your favorite color.

One, New Looking Garage Door

garage door painting image

garage door

Once you have finished, you will be amazed at just how good your garage door will look with its new coat of paint. It will now have a whole new look that will last several years. painting your garage door is not an expensive task, and the results will last you many years.

Quick Garage Door Painting Tips

The more time you spend on preparation, the better. Always make sure that you have the correct paint for the type of garage door you own. The instructions above assume your garage door is made of steel. Please use same procedure with a wooden garage door although substitute paint for an appropriate wood stain or similar. You can never go far wrong if you ask for professional advice from a paint specialist.