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Welcome to SGGarage Doors

This is my website where all the information you need to know about SG Garage Doors can be found. I hope you can spend a little time looking round. I try to make sure that anything and everything about garage doors  is contained in here somewhere or at least planned to be included very shortly.

My company, SG Garage Doors, specializes  in the economic repair of  garage doors. In an ideal world everybody will recognise potential problems with their garage doors and try to find a solution early enough to prevent more expensive repairs. This is where I believe I can help the most. Hopefully this website will provide answers to any questions regarding garage door repairs/replacements you may have so that you can save money in the long term.

My aim is to provide anyone with all the help I can give to ensure they do the right thing, at the right time and for the right price. Whether it be an emergency garage door repair or simply replacing your opener or replacing the cones and cables I’m here to help you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

I have been involved with garage doors in one form or another for 6 years. In that time i’ve repaired and installed just about every type of garage door on the market. My background also includes industrial doors, roller shutters and roller garage doors.

On my site I have included details on the types of garage door available on the market today, how they work and how they perform. I have also listed the core services I offer as a garage door technician.

A blog for garage doors??

Yes why not? many people today are used to surfing the web to find answers to questions and problems and I see this as a fantastic way of looking after my current and future customers. I will regularly post related articles and information on my website covering every aspect of garage doors in the hope that it is found and proven to help somebody out there with an interest in that particular topic. It is my intention to make this site a valuable resource for anybody with an interest in garage doors.

You can also post any comments (garage door related of course!) on my blog. When I’m not out on a repair I am always around to answer questions and provide advice.

“I don’t know anything about garage doors!”, where do I start?

Well that’s simple, you can call me, email me or post any questions on this site. I don’t use technical jargon and I make everything easy to understand. Remember i’m a garage door technician, not a salesman!, if there is anything you wish to know or is not explained fully enough on this website please click on the contact us link.

In my experience there is a huge number of garage doors working incorrectly or not at all. All sitting there, maybe getting in worse condition through lack of a simple repair. These garage doors, if not fixed, will almost certainly escalate into a garage door replacement or complicated and more expensive repairs. And you never know, one day you may actually wish to park your car in there! so its imperative these garage doors work. Everything on this website is geared towards helping you establish your repair needs,contact me now and lets get it sorted.

Many thanks for visiting my website and I hope to hear from you soon.



  28 Responses to “Garage doors home.”

  1. So very pleased with the repair you did on my garage door at (address blocked for privacy), it is a pleasure to use now. Thanks. I would appreciate an invoice for the work done, as I have a friend paying for it and I need to send it to him.

  2. Stuart arranged the replacement of my side hinged garage doors. He employed a local carpenter, who proved to be a fine craftsman. I am very pleased with the result and would recommend Stuart everytime.

  3. I am interested in installing a remote controlled garage door at my home in Attleborough. details withheld for privacy.

  4. Thank you Stuart for the excellent repair to our double garage door. It was obviously not fitted quite right eight years ago, because it now works like a dream…

  5. nice information

  6. Stuart is a really nice, professional person who’s approach reminded me of someone looking after their own property. He spent ages looking at the cheapest and best option for me – and got a fantastic deal for me, even though he really wanted to repair rather than replace my door. I have complete confidence in his work and it’s great to have a fully functioning door as it shows just what we’d been living with for the last 10years!

    Highly recommended.

    Thanks Stuart – you’re a star……

  7. Nice information, yes we need update our blog on Garage Door daily because today everything is updating and it is also updating, I am also a member of Garage Door Repair Seattle and I update my blog regularly.

  8. Hi Stuart, I live in Leyland , where are you located?


  9. I was told that the garage door need to be repaired before installing a garage door opener.
    The garage door does not stay open at waist height but to knee height.
    Waiting for your comment. Thank you.

  10. Great job on our Henderson Merlin Garage door today. Thank you. Good to hear that with a little tlc it should last for a few more years yet.

  11. Stuart came out to Horsford last month to fix one of our garage doors which had fallen down on one side. He fixed this, serviced it, and serviced my other door, all for a very reasonable price. Plus told me where to oil them from now on (thus ensuring their life for many years to come). Very impressed indeed. I’d been meaning to write a review, but it had slipped my mind. Would certainly recommend his services!

  12. Thank you very much for the repair to our up & over door.
    The cable had broken, a massive spring was on the floor along with other metal bits, sorry I don’t know the technical jargon for these items but you get the idea.
    You did a brilliant job at a remarkably low price.
    I would definitely recomend you.

  13. Hi Stuart,
    My Neighbour and I both need our garage doors repairing we live in Tacolneston on the old able development site when are you free to come and have a look
    Regards Jason

  14. tried to contact you on 424792, but the number was not recognised: do you have a contact number?

    Peter Townroe

  15. Hi, Came accross your website today. Where are you located?
    We do Garage Doors Cairns.

    It seems there is a blog about everything these days!

  16. Thanks Stuart. A good job done quickly and professionally at a fair price.

  17. Just had our garage door replaced by Stuart and I can’t speak highly enough of him and also the product itself. He was very professional and keen to give a good outcome for us and at a very competitive price. I would have no hesitation in recommending Stuart. If you need a repair or a new door then Stuart is your man.

    thanks a lot mate

  18. Hi Audrey
    Absolutely not I’m so sorry you have had trouble. I am changing mobile networks due to lack of signal out here in the sticks.
    The number however will remain the same. I am however having lots of trouble getting it all done.
    Please email me your number and I will call you right back if the time is sociable.
    Many thanks Stuart.
    You can call me on 07712711035 in the meantime.

  19. Could you fitt my garage door opener for me?

  20. Stuart

    Can you send me your contact details please.

    Our garage door has come off the runners again.

    Look forward to hearing from you


  21. Thank you, Stuart, for your speedy repair of our wonky up-and-over door, for your helpful attitude and for your very reasonable charge. I’d certainly recommend you to other customers.

  22. Thankyou so much for fixing my garage door at such short notice 5 star service

  23. Hi, I have a problem with a Merlin up and over garage door. Last week upon opening ( it’s never been great since we moved in ) it became dislodged from the runners one side, I had to cut the cables as one was all tangled. So I’ve replaced both, the cones and the plastic rollers. I’m having trouble getting tension on the main spring. What am I doing wrong ?
    Regards Daz.

    Sent from my iPad Air 2

    • Hi Daz. Without being there its hard to tell what’s going wrong. What you must remember is that the shaft must stay stationary whilst you wind the spring up. You must wind up and back over towards the lintel. The only thing I can think of to check is that the spring hasn’t come away from the right hand bracket? Are you local I can pop over and have a quick look? No charge. Stuart.

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