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SGGarageDoors contact page

If you don’t like to discuss any queries over the phone then please email me at:

Alternatively you can ring me on:

07845465765 anytime night or day

Further more you could always leave a comment on my blog which I check all the time, let others in on the common problems and let them see my suggestions. Over time this will become a valuable resource for all my customers past, present and future. Just click on the link on the right of this page.

  5 Responses to “Contact us”

  1. Hi Stuart,
    I live in Hingham and you kindly repaired our garage door lifting mechanism (late January)
    I intend to fit a 2″ slide lock to the door and require to drill a 2″ dia hole in the door – Is the door of solid construction throughout or of a sectionalised frame construction, I think it is solid throughout -which will be ideal for the purpose of the 2″ drilled hole

    Please can you answer my query?

    Thank you,

    Peter Bailey.

  2. Hi, the previous owner of my house had Anglian fit an auto garage door in 1998, which now needs a looksee, which they can’t/won’t do, and have recommended you. Keywords in the literature are WESSEX DOOR – GB1 Mk III GARAGE DOOR OPENER – ARIEL OVERDOR GEAR – door style GEORGIAN II – GRP FRAME. Remote controlled, with a spring either side of the door.
    Problem – on closing, it bangs really hard at the bottom and lifts 4 or 5 inches open again. Sooner or later it shuts ok. So far, I have had the torque settings on the motor at 1, 5, 9 at various times, without change, and have given the spring adjuster nuts 5, 10, 15 clicks (both ways) without change. My guesswork has now moved on to, sensors that I know nothing about ? slipping belt on the motor ?
    or springs worn. Please advise if u can service this for me. Cheers…Smudge

  3. We have a Merlin MK 11 garage door which has been bent by a car reversing a little too far and which is now not weatherproof. The framework and mechanism is OK so could you quote for just a new door as presumably the present one is not straightenable. It is 7’0″W by about 6’4″ H.

  4. Following our Telcon this morning I investigated the cone pulleys and found that a wire was displaced on one of them, as you suggested.

    For me, the best way to reposition proved to be to remove the circlips from the bottom pulley and slide it back just clear of the guide then unhook the wire. I could then reposition the wire on the pulley spindle and by keeping tension on the wire (piece of string through the loop) and juggling the door (its out the guide remember), I could slip the wire loop back into place over the pulley, circlip the pulley back into place and job done. Fiddly till I sorted out method and then took 15 mins or less to do – and I didn’t have to mess with spring!

    I can’t thank you enough for your willingness to help and advise at no possible gain to yourself, given that I live 150 miles away. In the end the job cost me nothing compared to a local quote for a complete door mechanism overhaul of £150.00!

    Best Regards

  5. Hi Stuart,
    When you first put my garage door mechanism in, it had a pull to be used if I needed to disable it. Thanks to you I can now get into the garage in an emergency. This morning all the electrics in my garage are out, but the disabling pull must have disappeared on your last visit. Can it still be disabled from inside, so that I can get the car out? Meanwhile I’ll try and get someone to look at the fuse box in there.

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