Garage Door Automations


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Welcome to the automation section of this website which will help you decide whether your door can be easily automated and have a good idea of the process.

OK, starting with the basics an automated door is a garage door that can be operated via remote control. Normal range is around thirty metres although this varies on the operator used. Many types of garage door can be automated although its a little trickier with canopy type garage doors as extra running gear will be required to allow the fitting of a standard ceiling mounted operator.

From an ease point of view sectional, retractable, side hung and roller doors are the most straight forward variants to automate.

The operator will be ceiling mounted and will consist of a motor assembly and a extended boom which is either belt or chain driven by the motor. The top edge of your door will be connected via a steel connecting plate to the boom mechanism. Upon operating the motor via the  remote control or wall mounted key switch the drive mechanism simply pulls the top edge of the door open. Between the power of the motor and spring mechanism itself the door will open and close effortlessly!!

These operators work in conjunction with the spring system fitted to the door, the motor will not drag the door up on its own. It is a joint effort between the two and works perfectly.

Before you choose an operator we must always ensure that your door is working as efficiently as possible, this will add longevity and smoothness to any automation.

As you can imagine there are a variety of operators on the market and some are better suited to different types of door than others. Its a mix and match puzzle which is very easy to solve with the right help and guidance.

So, Your Electric Garage Door

Adding automation to your garage door is a fantastic aid;

It can help the disabled raise and lower their door without leaving their vehicle or mobility aid.

It provides a safe way in and out of the garage, you don’t leave your vehicle,  for remote and  busy areas where security is a priority.

Sounds funny but its true!! If its raining you wont get wet anymore jumping out of your car to open the garage door!!

Adds value to your home.

Only allows people with remote access to operate the door. (parents take note!!)

And last but not least, it  just looks and feels nice opening stuff with a remote control!!

Please email me with details of your garage door type and budget level and I will do my best to offer a solution.

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  1. Hi Stuart
    We live in Little Melton and our garage door opener has broken. We would be grateful if you could contact us with a view to replacing/repairing the automotive opener.

    Kind regard


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