Garage Door Repairs


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Let me take the worry out of repairing your garage door

In my experience as a garage door technician I receive many calls from worried people who have convinced themselves that they need a new garage door because theirs doesn’t go up, come down or stuck somewhere between the two! I’ve carried out many garage door repairs on doors that the owner swore needed replacing. I have always felt very strongly about the economic repair of a garage door or roller door, it is very easy to jump to the wrong conclusions about the extent of any damage and therefore fears of a big bill! I am sure that there are many inoperable garage doors around my region that haven’t been repaired because their “owner” is sure that he or she needs a new one. Yes a garage door can be an expensive necessity but it is  rare that I have come across one that cant be repaired. There are a few factors that necessitate a new door, but in general I can be sure of great results by repairing your old one.

Garage door repairs

The list of repairs I have carried out is an endless one but over the years I have replaced every moving part, rivet and nut and bolt on practically every type of garage door available in this country. Categorising them would be an impossible task, however as a rule my average invoice works out around £ 85.00.

I include this figure to provide some reassurance of my pricing for the majority of  garage door repairs, which I believe to be the best in the county.

If you wish to simply enquire as to how much it would cost to repair your garage door you can refer to my contact page and arrange a free no obligation quote. I am certain there is nothing I cannot quote for over the phone, or via email, with even the most vague description of the problem or make and model of garage door or roller door.

Garage door repairs are the lifeblood of my business, i will NEVER recommend fitting a new door unless it is absolutely necessary.


  4 Responses to “Garage Door Repairs”

  1. have emailed you with instructions

  2. Thanks again for coming out to fix our garage door today. Same day response when our car was trapped in the garage – truly an emergency service! Friendly response, problem speedily assessed and sorted. And no charge as it was a quick fix. We are very grateful and will be back in touch right away if our elderly garage causes any more problems.

  3. Yes no problem. I would need to inspect your door first before i could give you a quote though. Please reply via so i can arrange a visit.
    Many thanks for your enquiry.

  4. excellent information keep up your good work thanks.

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