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This page has been specifically included as a useful hints and tips page, over the coming weeks and months I will pick the most interesting and common repairs i have carried out and place the details on here.

In time I hope this to become a valuable resource for the DIYers out there who want to attempt home repairs.

I will aid you as much as I can to ensure you have all the help and guidance you need to be effective in repairing your own garage door.

Keep checking this page for any new hints and tips.

Please remember if you come here and there is no information relevant to your particular issues please either contact me direct or leave details on my blog, click the links to the right for my contact details or the link to the blog.

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  1. Hi

    I live in Wramplingam, I have 2 canopy garage doors in a double garage, I would like one repaired as the spring came away and hanging from the top of the garage and one of the wire ropes has snapped. Also I only have one key for one garage door and can’t open the other as no key. Could you possibly give me a ropugh quote for repair of spring and 2 new locks.

    many thanks


    • Debbie your comment ended up in my spam folder!! This has been addressed and shouldnt happen in the future. i have contacted you directly with an answer.

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