Garage Door Servicing


Nothing guarantees the longevity of your garage door like regular servicing.

At SGGarageDoors I take great pride in my servicing standards and pricing.

I can fully service and check over a standard size canopy garage door for as little as £ 30.00.

You will receive a full report on the condition of your garage door which will be fully checked over and fully serviced and adjusted to work as well as possible, and depending on the age and condition maybe even as good as new!!

Every garage door should be regularly serviced at least once every year, normally around winter time and into early new year.

Full garage door servicing from £ 30.00.

Regular servicing can easily identify possible problems at an early stage and prevent expensive repairs at a later date. You may even be left without the use of your garage door, not a welcome event if your car is trapped inside and you need to use your vehicle for work or a shopping trip.

You can have real peace of mind with regular servicing, for more information please email or call me to discuss the process and what is covered during the service.

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